We are always looking to add to our ranks!  We have many different skill sets that we are looking for.  We need the following: private soldiers, drummers, fifers as well as… seamstresses, clothiers, gunsmiths, cooks, assistant cooks, quartermaster, paymaster, surgeon, assistant surgeon, and anything else we can think of!  We would love to have you!

Please note that we welcome everyone to join.  It is documented in the State of Delaware archives that both men and women either served/supported directly in the 1st Delaware Regiment.  The archives also indicate that African-American and Native American men served in the ranks of the 1st Delaware Regiment and other units from Delaware.  Huzzah!

Bottom line: Whether you are 8 or 80 – the 1st Delaware Regiment is proud of its diversity today & during the American Revolution.  All are welcome! 

Please contact us at to join today!


11 thoughts on “Join!

  1. Greetings John and Chris, Good meeting you in Dover on the 5th. I just read an intersting bio of Charles Pope. I now see the connection with my attire. Commander of the Delaware Navy? I bet not many know of that history. Also found it intersting that he, in his sloop, was chased up the St Jones as I live not far from that creek. Perhaps you can tell me more about your group, places you go? No guarantees but it might be fun to fall in with you some time.

  2. Michael – pleasure meeting you as well on Saturday. We all had a great time on the Dover Green. We definitely always have something going on. This coming weekend we will be attending the Kirkwood Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution in Newark, Delaware. We also will be participating in a holiday event in Old New Castle in December. We are also formulating our schedule for 2012. We would love to have you fall in as Charles Pope! We will send you an email on upcoming events and meetings.

    You humble and most obedient servant,


    Sons of the Blue Hens & Game to the End!

  3. hello, my name Henry Lewicki I have been doing an arrangement of the 1st for 10 year …lately had very little time to continue…however I am interested again with 3 others fully equipted…we have been pertisapating with the 2nd pa…look forward to talking to you guys ..I have lots of history to bring to the unit,,,please text 302-250-3502 or em…please forgive my spell check…

  4. Perhaps you need a Dental Officer! I’m the sixth great grandson of Lt. Jenethan Harney, who served under Col. Haslet. I’ve been told that one of his brothers was a staff officer for Gen. Geo. Washington.

  5. Chris Mlynarczyk,

    It was a pleasure meeting you and your fellow 1st Delaware Regiment members today. I am pleased to have put forth my application to join the ranks. I look forward to serving with honor if permitted.

    Thank you,

    Ronald Conklin

    • Ronald,

      We look forward to having you join us too. Thanks for attending the picnic yesterday. Will be contacting you directly soon. Thanks!

      Chris Mlynarczyk
      President – 1st Delaware Regiment

  6. I’ll have to check you out at the next local outing. I live in New Castle and I’m a shootist. I target shoot and hunt with historical muzzleloaders… Brown Bess, Trade Muskets, Jaeger Rifles in the flintlock manner. English rifles for long range percussion shooting (Whitworth). I cast my own bullets, as well. Never reenacted, but the 1st Delaware is one of Washington’s elite Continentals… All the best.

    • Joe – thanks for your comments. Please check out our calendar page for upcoming events. If you are interested in joining us please contact me at – thanks!

      Chris Mlynarczyk
      President – 1st Delaware Regiment

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