Rank & File

We are now in our 6th full year and we have gone from just 2 initial members, to 10 in the beginning of our first full year, then to 25, to 45 to 50 and now 70+ members! 

Regimental Staff:

President – Chris Mlynarczyk

Biography: Chris Mlynarczyk is a University of Delaware 1993 graduate with a BAAS in History, primarily US history, philosophy, and political science.  Chris also was an Air Force ROTC cadet for all four years at the University of Delaware.  Chris attended Nankai University in Tianjin, China in 1992 as part of a study abroad program.  Chris is a former USAF officer, having proudly served at Griffiss AFB in Rome, NY and then McGuire AFB in Wrightstown, NJ.  Chris worked with regular and special munitions wit388662737ae8d2cf28cadb1bf2b922a2h B-52 bombers while at Griffiss AFB and then with C-141 cargo and KC-10 air refueling aircraft at McGuire AFB.  Chris also worked with the Air Force Office of Special Investigation (OSI) while stationed at McGuire AFB.  He has worked in the investment management industry since leaving the Air Force in 1996.  Chris was elected President of the 1st Delaware Regiment in January 2012 for a one year term and then again in February 2013 for a three year term and then again in February 2016 for another three year term.  Chris has always been fascinated with colonial America and looks forward to pursuing his research on the American Revolution and Delaware.  Chris is also a member of the Company of Military Historians, the George Washington Society of Delaware, and the American Legion.  He is also a board member of the historic Hale-Byrnes House and of the Delaware Military Heritage Education and Association.  Lastly, Chris has accumulated a small library of books, maps, etc. primarily related to Delaware in the Revolutionary War.  Chris always looks forward to being at 1st Delaware Regiment events and helping to educate the public and preserve Delaware’s history.

Field Commander – John Foskey

Biography: John Foskey is a native Delawarean.  John grew up in Newport, Delaware and has had a lifelong interest in American history.  After 9/11, John began to take a more active role in his interests and began reenacting with units from the Continental Line/Brigade of the American Revolution.  Not entirely satisfied and having a lot of pride in being from Delaware and reading about the history of the Delaware Regiment, John knew it was inevitable that he would establish a living history group that helped bring the 1st Delaware Regiment from the American Revolution to educate and demonstrate to the IMG_5717-e2-webpublic how they lived, died, fought, endured, and, most importantly, were one of, if not, the best American regiment in the Continental Army.  John is the initial member of the 1st Delaware Regiment living history group and was the catalyst to recruiting the large  majority of its founding members.  John is a graduate of Salesianum High School in Wilmington, Delaware.  Since 1990, John has worked at Saint Francis Hospital as an X-ray Technician.  John is also an Apprentice Muzzle-loading Gunsmith, in particular, black powder flintlocks, under the tutelage of Dick Niekamp, Master Gunsmith.  John has also displayed great knowledge and expertise in colonial period cooking and brewing.  John was elected Field Commander of the 1st Delaware Regiment in January 2012 for a one year term and then again in February 2013 for a three year term and again in 2016 for another three year term.

Vice President – Ralph Denlinger

Biography: Ralph was elected Vice President of the 1st Delaware Regiment in February 2016 for a three year term.  In addition, Ralph is our Safety Officer.  Dick NieKamp, former Vice President and Safety Officer, is now assisting Ralph, along with our new Quartermaster, Fane Wheeler.  The only reason for this change is due to the move of Dick, along with his wife, Lois, from Newark, DE to Wheeling, NC to be much closer to family.  Dick still plans to be as active as possible and focus on safety and gunsmithing with us too.  Ralph graduated from East Stroudsburg State University with a degree in Biology which he taught for 31 years, retiring in 2008. Since 1998 Ralph has operated a website for the Army Amphibians Engineers of the Pacific during WW2 and written a Regimental History for one of the units which is now in the library at the War College at Carlisle, PA.


Ralph also was appointed the East Nottingham Township, Chester County Historical Commission Chairman in 2004, focusing on regional colonial history.  In about 2011 Ralph began researching the Brandywine Flag and began an association with Brandywine Battlefield where in 2013 he began giving tours and conducting research on the Pennsylvania Militia at Brandywine. While working a display at the 2013 Brandywine Battlefield Patriot’s Day Ralp met the representatives of the 1st Delaware and in 2014 joined the ranks. As Vice President Ralph is committed to continue close contact with Dick NieKamp, former Vice President and Safety Officer, and maintain the high safety standards already in place with the Regiment. Ralph very much enjoys “live firing” the historic flintlocks and sharing “live firing” with other 1st Delaware Regiment members.

Treasurer – Mary Torbey

Biography: Mary Torbey is a native of Newark, Delaware. She graduated from Newark High School, and earned a B.A. in History Education from the University of Delaware. She was employed in credit card banking for 18 years. Following that, she earned a post-graduate certificate in Paralegal Studies from the Widener University School of Law, after which she was a paralegal at Delaware’s largest real estate law firm.Version 2

Recently she has been a volunteer ESL Teacher, Business Manager for the American Originals Fife and Drum Corps, and Registrar at the Newark History Museum. She is a member of the Auxiliary to the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, and serves on the Boards of Directors for the Hale-Byrnes House and the Newark Historical Society. Additionally, she has been involved with fife and drum corps, Civil War reenacting, and Revolutionary War reenacting for over 40 years, underscoring her lifelong interest in American History. Mary was elected Treasurer of the 1st Delaware Regiment in February 2015 for a one year term, and again in 2016 for a three year term.

Secretary – Jeff Gibson

Biography: Jeff Gibson was recently elected to the Secretary position in February 2018 for a one year term to fill the position vacated by Christine Gaydos.  Christine graciously stepped out of the Secretary position and the Musician Sergeant-Major position due to having too many commitments that need to take precedent – the main one being her professional career.  Jeff looks to assist the rest of the board members in any manner he can and is looking forward to 2018.  


Other Regiment Positions:

Musician Sergeant-Major: Mary Torbey

Version 2

Biography: The Musician Sergeant-Major is the leader of the musicians also called the fife and drum corps.  As indicated above Christine Gaydos decided to step away from this leadership position as well as the Secretary position in late 2017.  The President then appointed Mary Torbey – also our current Treasurer – to replace Christine as Musician Sergeant-Major.  Mary has over 40 years of experience playing the fife.  For further information about her please see her bio above as Treasurer.


Civilian Head – Alicia Gibson

2017 05 28_3642

Biography: Alicia is a native to the Delaware area.  She was born in Wilmington and now lives just over the border in Maryland.  Alicia is an Elkton High School graduate.  She also participated in the German American Partnership Program (GAPP) where she was fortunate to attend schooling in Germany.  Alicia also attended Cecil Community College from 1995-1998 and now works with special education children as a paraprofessional for the Red Clay Consolidated School District.  Alicia has always been interested in history and has been an active member of the 1st Delaware Regiment since her joining, along with her family, in 2014.  Alicia has always had an interest in history, along with her husband, and travel often to visit historic locations and museums in the United States.  Alicia is very intrigued with the American Revolution – especially how an underdog like the United States was able to defeat the British army.  She lives with her husband, Jeff, daughters Ellie and Bea, and one large dog, their Saint Bernard, Sonya.  Alicia’s hobbies include reading, travel, needlecrafts, and visiting museums.  Alicia was appointed to the Civilian Head position on September 12, 2016.

Quartermaster – Fane Wheeler


Biography: Fane is native to Delaware.  Fane has worked for local companies over the past 20 years in Delaware.  He and his wife, Kathy, have a son, Logan.  Fane is an avid firearms enthusiast and has had a Federal Firearms license along with training in firearms usage and repair as a gunsmith.  Fane and his family live in the Newark, Delaware area.  Fane was appointed to the Quartermaster position on October 20, 2015.



Here is a list of all of our members (with type of membership):

  1. John F. – Military
  2. Chris M. – Military
  3. Dick N. – Military
  4. Terry D. – Military
  5. Jennifer D. – Military
  6. Ann C. – Military (Musician)
  7. Kim B. – Supporter
  8. Ralph B. – Supporter
  9. Carla S. – Supporter
  10. Stephanie B. – Civilian
  11. Joyce H. – Civilian 
  12. Frank H. – Civilian
  13. Lou Ann B. – Civilian
  14. Lee B. – Civilian
  15. Nancy P. – Civilian
  16. Jeff P. – Civilian
  17. Tom M. – Military
  18. Christine G. – Military (Musician)
  19. Greg F. – Military
  20. James S. – Military
  21. Henry L. – Military
  22. Sandy L. – Military
  23. Mark W. – Military
  24. Chris S. – Military
  25. Oriole O. – Civilian
  26. Ralph D. – Military
  27. Tom D. – Military
  28. Mary T. – Military (Musician)
  29. Stephanie C. – Military (Musician)
  30. Carol N. – Military (Musician)
  31. Dick D. – Supporter
  32. Rob D. – Military
  33. Anthony G. – Military (Musician)
  34. Michael C. – Military
  35. Fane W. – Military
  36. Julie P. – Civilian
  37. Martin C. – Military (Musician)
  38. Alicia G. – Civilian
  39. Jeff G. – Military
  40. Terry M. – Supporter
  41. Matt M. – Military
  42. Kirk E. – Military
  43. Janet E. – Civilian
  44. Phillip W. – Military
  45. Stephen T. – Military (Musician)
  46. Mark C. – Supporter
  47. Mary A. – Civilian
  48. James A. – Civilian
  49. Jeff S. – Military
  50. Sarah L. – Military
  51. Andrew O. – Military
  52. Sandy S. – Civilian
  53. Ronald C. – Military
  54. Rhys J. – Military (Musician)
  55. Blaise G. – Military
  56. Chris A. – Military
  57. Walt C. – Supporter
  58. Will H. – Military
  59. Dave H. – Military
  60. Jacob M. – Military
  61. Brian R. – Supporter
  62. Lynn K. – Civilian
  63. Linda K. – Civilian
  64. Chris T. – Military
  65. Jenna D. – Civilian
  66. Joe M. – Military
  67. Andrew C. – Military
  68. Patrick H. – Military
  69. Brian G. – Military
  70. Parke J. – Military
  71. Marty E. – Military (Musician)
  72. YOU!?!?

Organizational Structures:

Military Members – Soldiers:

  1. Chris M.
  2. John F.
  3. Dick N.
  4. Terry D.
  5. Jennifer D.
  6. Tom M.
  7. Greg F.
  8. James S.
  9. Henry L.
  10. Sandy L.
  11. Mark W.
  12. Chris S.
  13. Ralph D.
  14. Tom D.
  15. Rob D.
  16. Michael C.
  17. Fane W.
  18. Logan W.
  19. Jeff G.
  20. Matt M.
  21. Kirk E.
  22. Philip W.
  23.  Jeff S.
  24. Lee B.
  25. Sarah L.
  26. Kevin M.
  27. Andrew O.
  28. Ronald C.
  29. Blaise G.
  30. Will H.
  31. Jacob M.
  32. Chris T.
  33. Joe M. 
  34. Andrew C.
  35. Brian G.
  36. Parke J.

Military Members – Musicians:

  1. Christine G. – Musician Sergeant-Major
  2. Ann C. – Fife Major
  3. Mary T. – Fifer
  4. Stephanie C. – Fifer
  5. Carol N. – Fifer
  6. Martin C. – Fifer
  7. Logan W. – Fifer Recruit
  8. Stephen T. – Drummer
  9. Anthony G. – Drummer
  10. Rhys J. – Drummer Recruit
  11. Patrick H. – Drummer Recruit
  12. Brian G. – Drummer Recruit
  13. Marty E. – Fifer Recruit


  1. Alicia G. – Civilian Head + 2 kids
  2. Stephanie B.
  3. Joyce H.
  4. Frank H.
  5. Lou Ann B.
  6. Nancy P.
  7. Jeff P.
  8. Oriole O.
  9. Julie P.
  10. Mary A.
  11. James A.
  12. Sandy S.
  13. Lynn K.
  14. Linda K.
  15. Jenna D. + 2 kids


  1. Kim B.
  2. Ralph B.
  3. Carla S.
  4. Dick D.
  5. Terry M.
  6. Mark C.
  7. Walt C.
  8. Brian R.

6 thoughts on “Rank & File

  1. To Dick N: So good to meet you and Lois tonight! It was gratifying to meet the people who have had the greatest influence on the father of two little girls for which I have such great fondness. I felt I had a sweet stroll down memory lane while you were sharing some of your hard earned knowledge of the long rifle. I admire both your dedication to your craft and to our great country. It was a breath of fresh air for me. Susanne

  2. Hello, I am interested in joining. I have a direct ancestor that served as a soldier for Delaware in the Revolution. I am interested in learning more and helping. Andy Green

  3. HI, I’m new to American Revolution studies. Recently I found out that great grandfather four times removed, Frederick Mingling, served in the Continental Army under an officer Robert Kirkwood in the 1st Delaware regiment. Frederick Mingling is listed with 35 other patriots of the American Revolution in the Head of Christiana Cemetary at Christiana, Delaware, near Newcastle.
    Can you folks help me. I am very interested in joining you. My name is Larry Haley, I currently live in Florida, email: Hale49@aol.com. thank you, Larry Haley

  4. Can you tell me anything of colonial period powder horns from Delaware with blue markings/ coloration ??
    When and where do you meet, drill, congregate whilst quaffing rum??
    “doc” Jeff Lippincott Wilmington. 302.494.2830

    • Jeff – hi! Got your message on our website. One of our members may know something of the powder horns you are asking about. Probably best to check out our Calendar page and come check us out at one of our upcoming events. We answer your questions more than likely and all. Please note we do not drink rum while we drill or do anything with firearms or blackpowder. – Chris Mlynarczyk – President – 1st Delaware Regiment

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