IMG_6442You may wonder – where are sources about the 1st Delaware Regiment?  Well, the first area we look to are the original resources.  The number one place for the original resources for the 1st Delaware Regiment is with the State of Delaware’s Public Archives.  The archives is a great start to lay the foundation of sources of information on the 1st Delaware Regiment.

IMG_6454e1After the archives – there are also then published and unpublished books, manuscripts, articles, and other documents that help build our understanding of information on the 1st Delaware Regiment.  Below are links to those that are published and are specific to the 1st Delaware Regiment:

The Delaware Continentals 1776-1783 by Christopher Ward (1941):

John Haslet: A Useful One by Fred Walters (2005):

This is told in novel style but you really want to check out chapter notes section to see that this author left next to nothing undocumented.

There are also numerous other sources that have information.  We have created a list on for sources.  Please click below to go there and check them out!

The first list is related directly to Delaware in the American Revolution.  The second list is either other sources related to Delaware in the American Revolution related and/or in general to the American Revolution.   If you have a problem with the link above you can simply type in the email address for the group –

See also our Allies section too!


3 thoughts on “Sources

  1. An excellent source to add for the Southern Campaign portion would be Seymour’s Journal which I have here in Greensboro. That has been an invaluable source for us as we carry on the Delaware tradition from 1780-1782 of excellence in the field.
    Mitchell Hunt

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